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Bryce Harper Hits 100th home run. Oh yeah, it was a Grand Slam!

Posted by Zane Cameron Gentry author of Order Of The Stone on

Can we make up a more fairytale carrier story than what we are seeing in Bryce Harper. I say we can't. Being one of the greatest young players of all time, a statistical ratio that is always being touted, Bryce is shaping up to be much more. What we are privileged to be watching is possibly and presumably the greatest baseball player to ever live. Oh I know there are going to be the detractors and those that are just gonna hate. But I say lets sit back and enjoy the show. Thursday night Bryce Harper hit his career 100th home run and man was it done in style. With an RBI of four, yeah that right it was a Grand Slam!

Every generation had their guy, and some even had two or three. Either way what we are witnessing is phenomenal. I say we have a chance to see the greatest single generation of players to ever live. 

Congratulations Mr. Harper. You are owed the respect!

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