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Villanova's Buzzer Beater: The Shot Heard Around The World.

Posted by Zane Cameron Gentry author of Order Of The Stone on

The Sweet 16, the Elite Eight, The Final Four. All names given to the greatest of teams for a particular year. That is if your watching NCAA Basketball in March. The Madness so often spoken of, is the unbridled furry that swells up in the souls of fans as they cheer on their respective teams to glory. Yet in the end, only one can emerge as the champion. 

This year is why we all do what we do, fill out a bracket, predicting the tournaments outcome and watch it crumble as our devotions to our Alma Maters overcome sound reasoning and we have a team like The Tulsa Golden Hurricanes winning it all, even before they loose the game that would have birthed them into the tournament. Oh it's Madness alright! But it's also a lot more than that. It's the chance for glory and the excitement of vanquishing your foe. To be the top of heap, the proverbial king of the hill.

The buzzer beater from this year was what every backyard Jordan, and elementary school King James has enacted hundreds of times. At some point we all have hit the winning three pointer as time expired, and our dreams of glory filled our heads with such vivid realism that for a moment it felt true. But for one young man, and one amazing team, the dream was reality. 

Calling your shot like the Babe or the Villanova, Kris Jenkins buzzer beater are the greatest of sports historical moments. 

Congratulations and thank you for proving that all of our dreams on the court can actually happen.

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